About Us

Ticket HQ was designed and developed by Mcomi Net Ltd. based in Bournemouth, on the south coast of the England. The service was built to allow any organisation to create, manage and send tickets either through their own web site or through our control panel. The Ticket HQ service is under constant development and we will look to add more features to the service as time goes on.

The service was originally created to allow venues to sell tickets online through a branded web interface, subsequently the software was licensed to third party organisations to use in their own web sites.  However the system was still dependant on being able to send out paper tickets which are expensive to produce and send.

We knew we could reduce our clients costs by moving over to e-tickets, however despite numerous research attempts we could not find a way to do e-tickets without purchasing expensive barcode reading hardware. Then, along came the iPhone and it changed everything, by using this devices’ incredibly powerful application development environment we were able to create a ticket scanning and verification tool on the device. We then worked on providing the support services that enabled the creation and distribution of e-tickets.

The rest is history, we’ve now been working on our platform for over 5 years and been used at all sorts of events around the world. Our biggest event to date has been 30,000 guests at Alexander Palace in London.