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Update to Control Panel 2.0 - 1st Jun 2014

We are pleased to announce that we’ve updated the Ticket HQ control panel to version 2.0. This updated panel provides a new look and feel when using the service. Current Ticket HQ users will be directed to the old Control panel for the time being. If you wish to be upgraded please contact us through … Continue reading Update to Control Panel 2.0

Update Control Panel 1.1 - 20th Aug 2013

We’ve made an update to the Ticket HQ control panel, the latest version 1.1 makes it even easier to manage your events, sales & customers. We’ve also improved the UI to better support ticket management on tablet devices with larger buttons and text fields.

Thermal Tickets? - 29th Nov 2011

Do you use a thermal printer to print tickets? We are currently working on support for eTickets that can be printed by thermal printers. Please contact us to with your make and model of thermal printer. We’re especially interested in the dimensions of the tickets you use for printing and ultimately we will be looking … Continue reading Thermal Tickets?

API Update -

Just wanted to confirm that two new methods have been added to the Ticket HQ API View eTicket PDF – This method will send a rendered eTicket to your server. View eTicket Thermal – This method will send a rendered thermal eTicket to your server.

Updated Ticket HQ Control Panel - 23rd Nov 2011

Just a quick confirmation that an update the Ticket HQ control interface went live last night. The interface changes are designed to improve user experience, by providing quicker access to sub links and reducing the spacing at the top of the page consumed by the logo and original menu system.

eTicket Branding - 22nd Nov 2011

We are pleased to announce that you can now brand the eTickets sent by Ticket HQ. As well as being able to brand the eTicket sent out you can also add promotions to the bottom of your tickets. In order to see how it works, log into your Ticket HQ account and check out: Set-Up … Continue reading eTicket Branding

iOS Update 1.5.3 - 3rd Nov 2011

We are pleased to announce the iOS application for Ticket HQ has been updated to 1.5.3 and is available as a free update from the Apple iTunes App Store. This version includes support for local server, which allows you to set-up a local server for your event, improvements & bug fixes. It also ensures that … Continue reading iOS Update 1.5.3

10,000 Guests -

We are pleased to announce that Ticket HQ went through it’s largest event to date with flying colours. Used to get over 10,000 people through the door at one of the UK’s largest dance music events.

Door List Printing - 28th Aug 2011

Just a quick note to let everyone know that you can now print out a door list for your event, to do this go to: eTickets > Door List

New Control Panel Currency Settings - 24th Aug 2011

You can now set the currency used in the Control Panel, to change the currency simply go to Account > Edit My Details and change the currency under General Settings.