Managing Events

Our online management software ensures that you are in control of your events, dates, sales, customers & tickets all from a single interface. Our platform is designed to be simple and easy to use ensuring that you can do what you need with minimal effort.


The event manager allows you to manage all your events in one place, it also nice to know that there are no restrictions on the number of events you can create. Each of your events can have multiple dates and ticket types as required.

Event Details

Manage your event details from a single page, including name, details, dates, ticket types, artwork & much more.

Event Tickets

Create, send & revoke tickets for your event as and when you need to. You can also import pre-printed tickets and 3rd party tickets.

Event Reports

Realtime reporting allows you to see how your event is selling with clear graphical information. Information is broken down by event date and ticket type.


Being able to manage your customer details is important in any system and Ticket HQ is no exception. We’ve ensured that all the customer tools you want and need are available to you. We also know that customer information is your data and that’s why we’ve made sure that you can easily export it when you need to.

Customer Details

View customer details including contact, orders, payments and ticket information.

Customer List

Manage your customers from a single page and search by first name, last name or emails address.

Customer Export

Export your entire customer list, or just the customers that went to a particular event on a particular date.


The Ticket HQ manager allows you to be in complete control of your tickets, you can create, send, resend, view, print and revoke tickets all from a single page. The ticket manager also allows you to import tickets from third party sales channels, importation includes either a barcode or SMS code created by a third party so you can streamline ticket collection at the event. In addition you can edit the tickets sent out by the system including branding and logos.

Ticket Creation

Create & send tickets from within the Ticket HQ control panel.

Import Tickets

Import ticket batches to bulk send tickets to your customers. Import 3rd party seller tickets or pre-printed tickets for centralised collection.

Door List

Create door list / will call list for your event based on date and ticket type. Ticket HQ will create and print alphabetically organised lists.