Ticket Collection

Collect tickets from customers on the door on the night of your event with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, or use your laptop with our new desktop ticket collection application for Mac & Windows. You can also use multiple devices at your event.

Mobile Collection

To collect Tickets at your event there is no better way than using our iOS Ticket collection application. Developed through working with industry partners to deliver the best ticket collection experience possible. No complicated procedure just sync your device and start collecting.

Faster Scanning

Scanning with the device is fast, using the onboard camera it takes only seconds per scan.

Customer Search

Customer search by first name, last name, ticket number / code or SMS pin right from within the app.

Ticket Admission

Clear concise ticket validation with the ability to set the number admitted.

Used Tickets

Used tickets display a red bar and do not allow for any further alteration, preventing ticket fraud at the event.

SMS eTickets

Support for collecting SMS Tickets based on with a 5 digit pin is built right into the application.

Event Listings

We’ve completely revised how events are listed within the application, showing your events in date order.

Event Details

Get a clear idea of what’s going on at your events in real time, the event details view provides a ticket collection and guest count.

Sync Log

The sync log allows to check how your device is syncing with the Ticket HQ server. It will log each time your device connects and display any errors that have occurred.

Desktop Ticket Collection

In addition to mobile ticket collection, we also provide a desktop application. The desktop application is designed work on Mac and Windows computers through a compatible web browser. Multiple computers can be used at the same event. (Internet connection required.)

Door List / Will Call List

Sometimes it’s important to have a back-up of your guest list, in other cases some venues require it for legal reasons. Our door list / will call list allows you to print out a guest list for any event, date or ticket type and each list is presented in alphabetical order, making it really easy to find your guests.

Multiple Devices

Our ticket collection software is designed to all you to use multiple devices at your event, simply sync the devices you want to use and your ready to go. In order to use multiple devices you need a Wifi Network and an Internet connection at your event.